Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Road Trip Packing List

Sam, my husband Jared, and I are off on our New Orleans/Destin, Florida road trip, so here's a look at the clothes I packed in my suitcase.

Road Trip Packing List

Okay, I took more than 7 items with me, but this is basically what I packed, sometimes in multiples. I brought bikinis, breezy sleeveless tops, sundresses, cover-ups, shorts, sandals, and a summery skirt. It's amazing how much easier (and less heavy!) it is to pack for a summer trip than it is for a winter one. But even though clothes weren't taking up much room in the car, it's still stuffed to the gills with snacks (we seriously went crazy), drinks, coolers, beach gear, sunscreen, and games.

What do you pack when you go on a summer road trip? Are you as crazy about beach snacks as we are?

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Dora said...

The blue and white dress is amazing! Beautiful selections