Thursday, October 31, 2013

Daily Look: Black Cat

Sweatshirt & Ring: Asos // Jeans: Gap // Earrings & Boots: Borrowed

I bought this sweatshirt to wear as pajamas only (I swear!), but when I was looking around for what to wear to work on Halloween, I just couldn't resist. It's the spookiest shirt that I own, plus it's just plain fun walking into an elementary school dressed as a kitty cat. And although I should maybe be feeling embarrassed to be rocking a cat shirt, I'm actually just wishing I had some pointy ears to complete the outfit. Of course, even with the ears, I couldn't compete with Lauren's husband this year. I won't give it away in case she shares pictures, but Jared is bringing work costumes to a whole new level.

Happy Halloween, y'all!


Daner said...

Everything about this is amazing. Holy crap.

Sam said...

Haha thanks Dana!!!