Friday, October 25, 2013

Daily Look: Sic 'em Bears!

Shirt: Congress Clothing // Corduroys: Gap // Booties: Sam Edelman // Bracelets: Forever 21 // Earrings: Vintage

I wore this outfit yesterday to celebrate my alma mater, Baylor University, whose football team has been having an amazing season; they're ranked higher than they've ever been during my lifetime. I got this t-shirt last weekend when Sam, my husband Jared, and I met up with one of our best friends from college in Waco for Baylor's Homecoming weekend. It was my first time spending time on campus since we graduated over five years ago, and we had so much fun touring campus, checking out our old dorm, eating at our favorite haunts, and cheering for the Bears at a 71-7 blowout of a football game.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

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cleartheway said...

Cute! That's actually the first time I've seen you two sisters together. =]

Kate from Clear the Way