Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Jane Fonda Aerobics

When Sam and I were little, my mom used to work out to Jane Fonda's aerobics videos (I almost typed DVDs, but no, those were not around yet, not even close). I have vivid memories of my mom's favorite video, and I can even remember the song that one of the background aerobicizers (that's a word now) sang at the end of the video (while continuing to work out, no less).

 But what I probably remember best are the outfits, which typically consisted of a leotard, leggings or tights, leg warmers, white sneakers, and, inexplicably, a belt at the waist (I mean seriously. Who wears a belt to work out? Isn't that uncomfortable?) Some ladies even wore suspenders. I thought it would be super fun to dress up as Jane Fonda from her aerobics days for Halloween, and it wouldn't be a difficult costume to put together either. Here's what I came up with.

Jane Fonda Halloween Costume

Do you remember Jane Fonda's epic workout getups? Would you dress as her for Halloween? 

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