Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Madeline

This week for my Halloween costume idea, I decided to depart from the fashion icon inspirations of the past few weeks, and create a look for a literary icon--Madeline! The smallest and the bravest of all the girls, Madeline was one of my favorite story book characters growing up. And her iconic red hair and bright blue coat (sometimes yellow) make dressing up as her not only nostalgic, but also pretty darn cute!

To re-create her outfit, you really just need a blue or yellow coat, a white shirt with a peter pan collar, and a wide brimmed hat that you can tie a black ribbon around. If you have a red bob, you're practically there already. I think it would be fun to also draw on an appendix scar, although hopefully not too many people would get to see that part of the costume!

Halloween Inspiration: Madeline

Would you consider polishing up your French accent, and dressing up as Madeline? Or (as she says to the lion) would you just say pooh pooh?


cleartheway said...

Ahh! You nailed it. This is perfect.

Kate from Clear the Way

Jessica Findell said...

Oh my gosh! That's absolutely perfect!