Friday, October 21, 2011

Daily Look: Fanciful Friday

Blouse: Zara // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Anne Klein via Endless // Earrings: Etsy

I think the Friday spring in my step drew me to some of the more whimsical items in my closet this morning. I always fall for a peter pan collar, and the cat lady in me is grinning ear to ear over these earrings. If you think I am wearing them ironically, I am not that cool. Just wait until it gets a little chillier and I break out my poodle sweater.

Oh, and shout out to Lauren who bought me these sweet peep toes last Christmas!


Lauren said...

Jared aspires to be a crazy cat gentleman. I think it's his purpose in life.

m said...

you know I think those earrings make you cooler. great collar!