Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twin Styled: Autumn Adventures

Autumn Adventures

Dorothy Perkins orange top
£28 -

Helene Berman cape coat
$292 -

Skinny leg jeans
$80 -

Steve Madden cap toe boots
$100 -

Antique Brass Nail Polish
$2.80 -

When I think of Autumn, I think of all of the festive outdoor activities that take advantage of the cooling temperatures. This outfit has a cozy ease that would be lovely at the pumpkin patch or the apple orchard. I'd love to wear something similar tonight during my favorite fall activity, pumpkin carving. What is your favorite rite of fall?

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Lauren said...

I want to wear this outfit right now! I definitely have a thing for lace-up boots, capes, and cozy sweaters. This is the perfect fall uniform.