Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Daily Look: A Day at the Beach

Shirt: Peter Pilotto for Target // Shorts, Sandals, Earrings: Loft // Hat: J. Crew // Bag: Nine West // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

I wore this outfit nearly two weeks ago when we visited Huntington Beach and Seal Beach during our vacation in California. Looking at these pictures reminds me of just how beautiful the beaches are on the Pacific coast, but what you can't see is how icy cold the water is. As a native Texan who grew up going to the beach at Port Aransas, I'm used to warm water from the Gulf of Mexico. But even though we knew the Pacific would be much colder, Sam and I both gasped when we first dipped our toes in because we were shocked by how chilly it felt. Now I understand why surfers wear wetsuits. I sneaked a few extra vacation shots into this post, including the only non-selfie with all three of us--my husband, Sam, and me--that a lovely woman was kind enough to take.

PS--I'm normally totally okay with my skin color and never tan, but I haven't felt so fluorescently pale since my honeymoon in Italy. I'm pretty sure I blinded everyone on the beach.

What kind of beaches do you prefer--ones with chilly water or warm water?

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Sam said...

Warm water all the way! Florida really gets the best of both worlds with beautiful water like California without the frigid temperature!