Friday, August 8, 2014

Twin Styled: Outdoor Essentials

Kayaking Necessities

I have always thought of myself as a kind of UV-fighting superhero, but when I went on a beach trip with my boyfriend and his family, I found out that I need some new weapons in my anti-sun arsenal.  When my family goes to the beach, we spend our time hiding from the sun under beach umbrellas, but the bronzed folks in Lloyd's family don't think twice about staying out in direct sunlight all day long!

We spent almost every moment of the trip doing activities ranging from fishing on kayaks with no shade to fishing on schooners with no shade.  Basically it was heavy on the fishing and very light on the shade, and I found myself ill-prepared.  So!  This is a board of the few things I got right, and many things I longed for as I roasted at Port Aransas.

The most important thing, of course, is sunscreen, and boy did I douse myself in the stuff.  By the end of each day you could write your name in the built up sunscreen on my legs!  I thankfully also had a breezy long-sleeved shirt to protect my arms and shoulders.  What I was missing was a pair of water shoes to protect my feet from sunlight and sharp oyster shells, a sunscreen stick and balm for quick application, and a hat that could be tied on.  No, they don't look cool, but then again, neither does the matted hat hair you have to show every time the boat moves.

What are your sun avoiding secrets?

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Lauren said...

I just bought a sunscreen stick, although I haven't tried it out yet. Hopefully it won't feel gross!