Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Daily Look: Hunger Blames

Shirt: Thug Life Shirts // Jeans & Silver Ring: Madewell // Shoes: Steve Madden via Marshall's // Earrings: Gift // Skyline Ring: Asos // Gold Ring: The Limited // Mood Ring: Vintage

I saw this shirt on Pinterest ages ago, and knew that I had to make it mine.  I am not exactly my best self when I'm hungry, so I thought this pre-apology would be appropriate.  I wore it last week with my sweet new oxfords to see Guardians of the Galaxy (SO GOOD), and again this weekend on a quick trip to the mall.

The thing about wearing this shirt in public is that you really have to be prepared to have strangers staring and laughing.  I kept having to remind myself that they were laughing at my shirt and not at me!  After a while I got a little more used to it and stopped worrying that my fly was down or I had stained my shirt every time it happened.  Be cool, Sam; it's just your funny t-shirt!

Anyone else grumble louder than their tummy when it gets too empty?


Chelsey Tanisha said...

haha what a clever shirt. I'm sure we could all use one of these in our wardrobe

Sam said...

I need another one that apologizes for being sleepy haha!