Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Roundup: Plaid Please!

Plaid Please

Around this time of year, every piece of clothing in plaid starts calling my name. While plaid jammies are always a favorite, my love goes much further! I'm talking plaid shirts, skirts, scarves...plaid pretty much anything. This coat from J. Crew is so swoon-worthy that it's making me think that I may just need a shorter coat. Of course it would have to go on clearance before I could even think of adding it to my closet. A girl can dream...

Do you like plaid, or leave it to lumberjacks and Scottie dogs?


Christina, Esq. said...

love plaid!!! love having an excuse to my my fav plaid pieces :)


christina, esq.

Lauren said...

I want that coat too! So cute.

Kate from Clear the Way said...

I really love that bag! So cute.