Friday, January 3, 2014

Daily Look: Gift Garb

Sweater: Old Navy // Skirt, Tights, & Boots: Loft  // Earrings: Gift // Stacked Rings: Madewell, Limited // Gem Ring: Vintage

Lauren was ingenious in giving me clothes that go together to make awesome outfits for Christmas this year, so getting dressed in my new duds is a synch! Lauren's husband said that both of these items almost ended up in her closet instead of mine, but I'm sure glad she decided to give them to me! I run into that problem quite a bit too. I am meaning to shop for Lauren, but when I try them on to make sure they'll fit her, I suddenly realize that I should have ordered two!

Do you ever snag things that you bought as a gift for yourself?

P.S. Can you believe this awesome sweater is from Old Navy?? I need to stop in there more often!

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