Monday, May 13, 2013

Daily Look: Ombre Stripes

Shirt: Gap // Jeans: Loft // Shoes: J. Crew // Earrings: Francesca's // Ring: Asos

I have been getting a lot of wear out of these blue jeans, and think I will get a lot out of this loose t-shirt as well.  During the warmer months, it can be difficult to ever get comfortable--what with the boiling outdoor temperatures and well air conditioned interiors. I am hoping that this shirt will be loose enough to catch any stray breeze out of doors, but keep me from becoming an ice cube when I come inside. Or maybe I am just kidding myself. Texas summer, I am afraid.

What are your tricks to beating the heat?

1 comment:

cleartheway said...

Oooh, love this top on you! Love those earrings too.

Kate from Clear the Way