Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Round-Up: Bikinis


Since my last inspiration board featured my favorite one-piece bathing suits, I thought I better round things out by sharing some bikinis that have caught my eye. Even though I've been considering a one-piece for a while, I always end up wearing a bikini because, I figure, I have a whole lifetime to cover up, and my two-piece wearing days are numbered. Of course, I really shouldn't be looking at bathing suits at all since I still like the one I have, and I tend to only wear my newest suit. But those butterflies...want!

Do you wear a one-piece or two?


Kodi Jensen said...

I'm usually a two piece girl -- and that middle bottom one is reinforcing my love for them!
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Sam said...

Kodi, I agree! Although it might make for some crazy tan lines!

Julie said...

I'm in the same boat--I love bikinis but I already have several that I really like so I can't justify purchasing any more.

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Lauren said...

Yeah, I still like the bathing suit I bought I think about 4 years ago, but these are so cute! If I find a really good deal on a suit I like, I will probably snap it up.