Friday, May 3, 2013

Roundup: Stylish Summer Shade

As hard as it is to believe, summer is almost here, and with it, days spent outside. But if you, like me, are concerned about keeping your skin protected from the sun, you'll need more than just a good bottle of sunscreen. Thankfully, there are tons of cute hats and sunglasses, two of the best forms of sun protection, available right now so that you can make your own shade (and look good while doing it).

Summer Shade

From floppy hats to straw fedoras to baseball caps, hats are definitely having a moment right now, which means you'll be able to find something you like in just about any style and price point. Find a pair of coordinating sunglasses and you'll be ready for the sun. I've already stocked up on sunscreen (Elta MD UV Shield and Babyganics Up Baby) and picked up this straw hat in preparation for my move back to Texas and inevitable sun exposure. I've never been a hat-wearer before, but that ends this summer! My poor scalp has been burned many too many times.

How do you protect yourself when you're out in the sun? Do you ever wear hats? 

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