Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Trend: Tropical Paradise

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, so I decided to shop for one of last year's biggest summer trends that's still going strong: tropical prints. Nothing says summer quite like birds of paradise and palm trees, which you can find on everything from sunglasses to shoes. And while these prints aren't necessarily for the fashionably timid, it would be simple enough to incorporate one boldly printed piece into your summer wardrobe. Here are some of my favorite options:

Tropical Paradise

All of these pieces are so fun and summery that they make me wish I was drinking something out of a coconut (although honestly, when is that not the case?)

Do you have any tropical prints? Would you wear them? 


Julie said...

I'd definitely wear them! I'm a fan of bright prints. Particularly liking the zara top and the urban outfitters clutch.

Style by Joules

Lauren said...

Yeah, I really want that clutch. Never mind the fact that I rarely use them!